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Volunteer Spotlight: Maureen Duecker

Maureen Duecker, a longtime Dublin Food Pantry donor, recalls dropping off a donation one day and asking, on a whim, if the organization was in need of any volunteers. A week later, she was asked to volunteer, and has since become a full-time volunteer and Team Leader. She explains that she is happy to do whatever needs to be done.

 “Even when I had a career, I made sure to volunteer at every opportunity. I made a promise many years ago to not waste a moment of life. Can’t break a promise!”

Maureen is particularly enthusiastic about the Dublin Food Pantry’s Blessing Box. “For those not always able to get to the Pantry,” Maureen explains, the Blessing Box is where we can leave food outside for them to pick up…”

As a long-time volunteer, Maureen discusses the evolution of the Dublin Food Pantry:

“The role hasn’t changed over time, if it has it has been for the better. We do a lot more with Pantry leadership – they have really taken it to a whole new level. They are really getting people involved, which hadn’t happened in previous years. For example, we had a truck that nobody ever used. Now, rather than get our products delivered, we do it ourselves. Changed the dynamic completely.

Of the recent changes, one of the biggest is the new DFP building. “I am very anxious to get into the new building.” She notes, “The church has been amazing but there is no way that we can serve all of the people. The need is only growing and the church can’t support that.”

Maureen wants the larger Dublin community to grasp the level of need and the presence of hunger locally. “There is no doubt that there is [food insecurity] in our community. There are an amazing number of people in need.” Fortunately, she says, “I think we have an “all-hands-on-deck” community – everytime that we ask for help, they stand up to do it.”

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