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Fast Facts about Dublin Food Pantry

The most frequently asked questions usually relate to

Q: How can I Get Help?

A: https://www.dublinfoodpantry.org/get-food

Q: How Can I Help?

A: https://www.dublinfoodpantry.org/help-us

A. https://www.dublinfoodpantry.org/food-drives

In addition to finding out more about us on our WEBSITE, we strive to communicate on social media accounts including TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and FACEBOOK.

Other questions are answered in our DID YOU KNOW series.


ALL of the local schools that fall within Dublin School District and the City of Dublin help us work to connect our community with needed food, essentials, and resources by volunteering, collecting donations, or learning more about hunger’s health impacts.

♥︎RECYCLING: Using “best practices” in all areas of pantry operation is fundamental. We partner with the City of Dublin to recycle and use their food composting program to be environmentally responsible. This means driving items to the appropriate drop-off place so that less goes to landfills.

In 2021, we estimated that we rescued 20,000 lbs. of food each month. That number might be higher, and we are looking into better ways to calculate the totals. We are thankful for our retail partners and the many volunteers who make it possible to get this perishable food distributed quickly, efficiently and respectfully.

♥︎DFP IS HERE TO HELP: We are proud of our team who shows up even when it is hard. We didn’t miss a day of service due to the pandemic! We are serving more customers than ever before monthly. Customer service hours are offered three days a week, year ’round. Our 24 hour Blessing Box is used and replenished regularly.

♥︎46 YEARS: We have been serving since our community had only one High School and we were the “village” of Dublin. We could not serve so many, so well for so long without partners from every corner of our service area. We will share more about these partners in upcoming posts.

Look for upcoming DID YOU KNOW posts for fun facts. If you or your organization would like to add to our stories about community support, please reach out to:




– by Patte Widerschein