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The Dublin Food Pantry is an Equal Opportunity Provider.

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planning a food drive?

Thank you! Food, Necessities and/or Fund Drives are a big part of our effort to help feed families in need so we appreciate your Drive! We depend on these group drives to improve the quality and variety of available food and necessities. Here are some tips to help make your food drive go smoothly and, please note, the volunteer staff at the Dublin Food Pantry can be enlisted to help.

Food, Necessities and/or Fund Drive Tips:

  • Pick a theme for a little extra definition and fun. Since our need is year round, ties-ins to seasons, to movies, to National Days of, (peanut butter day is in January) or holidays all work well. Any FUNdraiser, Food + Necessities Drive is appreciated by DFP!

  • Share why the collection is needed and DFP can provide statistics. 

  • Make it a little competitive. The winner or winning team can be listed on DFP's Website. Corporate, neighborhood, and family challenges are fun. 

  • A DFP collection can be added to your event or birthday celebration.

  • Whatever your idea is, our volunteers will put your contribution to good use!

Please share your dates with us

It’s helpful for us to know when organizations are planning food + necessities or fund drives so that we can help! If you let us know you are having a drive, we can list it on our Website and we can let you know what our current most needed items are that may give you an idea for a food or fund drive theme. Dublin Food Pantry can provide statistical information to help build interest for your event and help inspire your donors.

For large food drives, please provide advance drop-off notice

If you’re sponsoring a very large food drive, advance notices allows us to have volunteers scheduled to help sort and store your food donation. For smaller food collections, please follow the instructions at the Pantry's drop off center for weighing and sorting your food. This only takes a few extra minutes of your time, but is a tremendous help in processing your donations.

For large food donations (100 items or more) please contact us at (614) 889‐6590 to arrange a drop-off time.

Pre-sorting food really helps

This is extremely helpful in streamlining the storage process. For very large food drives (over 1,000 lbs.) you may want to pre-sort as you collect into the following categories:

  • Canned vegetables

  • Canned fruit

  • Canned beans

  • Canned meat

  • Soup

  • Tomato products

  • Breakfast items

  • Other boxed foods

  • Other canned foods

  • Baby items

  • Toiletries (bar soap, shampoo, individual toothbrushes, toilet paper, etc.)

  • Other necessities

Let us know who to thank

When you drop off food, please be sure to sign the donation log so we will know who to thank for your generosity!

To schedule a food drive:

Please call the pantry at (614) 889‐6590 or email

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