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These Kids Today…

If you are of a certain age–let’s say over 50–perhaps you have been occasionally frustrated by a technological marvel that is supposed to make your life easier. Maybe it’s an app, a new cashless payment transfer method, or a feature on your new car.

If you are of a certain age and the parent of a child between, let’s say 7 and 17, perhaps you called upon that young person for some help navigating the new electronic aspect of your life. Swipe, click, click, tap, click–and just like that, order is restored thanks to the nimble hands and minds of our youth!

We serve a lot of families with kids at Dublin Food Pantry. A LOT. In 2023, we served 1,853 families with kids. That’s two-thirds of our customer households. Minor children accounted for 4,070 of our unique family members within those households, which was 38 percent of our customers.

What do our kids do? Navigating software upgrades is child’s play to them. Our kids are straddling two worlds and bridging the gap for multiple generations around them. More often than not, our kids are translating from English to their parent or guardian’s first language so they can communicate with pantry volunteers.

With passports from the Far East to the Middle East to Eastern Europe and spanning Latin America, they ask the adult’s questions and translate the answers. Then they do it again. Sometimes while entertaining a younger sibling or two.

Our kids do this with poise, precision, and a level of grace and skill that defies their age.

Our kids are amazing.

Our kids also need your support.

Sometimes we are the only thing between a nutritious meal and a hungry kid. Your donation helps us keep the lights on, keep the refrigerators and freezers running, and keep the food coming in the door–and on our kids’ tables.

Thank you for giving generously.

Our kids are worth it.

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