Mission Statement

Dublin Food Pantry is dedicated to providing for the needs of hungry people by collecting and distributing food and grocery products, educating the community about hunger's impact and collaborating with others who address basic human needs.


Our Team:

Executive Director:  Denise “Dinky” Youngsteadt-Parrish

Denise Youngsteadt-Parrish, who goes by her nickname of Dinky, has a 20+ year history of helping people in need. 

 In March of 2021, as the pantry marks its 45th year, she is beginning her 3rd year at Dublin Food Pantry in a challenging time, to say the least. In 2020, the pantry experienced a 79% increase in individuals served. 


Dinky shares this excerpt:   “At this moment, this is a hopeful lesson and a hard one.  We live in a nation where there are 140 million people who are poor or who are one fire, health crisis, job loss, or severe storm away from deep poverty.  A nation where, during a pandemic, more than 12 million people have lost their employer-based-health care adding to the 87 million who already had inadequate health care; where nearly 12 million renters are behind in rent and could face eviction in the coming months; where 26 million people reported not having enough to eat, but 72 billion pounds of food goes to waste each year." Source:

 Working towards solutions and successes, Dinky helps Dublin Food Pantry fulfill its mission with careful thought and compassion.


Questions or ideas? Please contact Dinky by phone at 614.889.6590 or via email at

Director of Operations:  Jim Wilson

Jim is in his 3rd year as Director of Operations for the pantry. Every aspect of pantry operations changed due to the pandemic. In a matter of days Jim led the transformation from a choice pantry to a curbside operation with fewer volunteers helping meet the significant increase in need. Always looking at the bright side, Jim points out that the operational changes were worth the extra effort to consistently and safely meet the growing emergency need. He noted, "after work shifts, as busy as we are, our entire team continues to feel like, 'Hey, we made a real difference today.'" 

Jim works tirelessly to procure needed supplies and distribute them, and he organizes volunteer shifts to meet needs of DFP customers. 

Questions about food drives or volunteering can be directed to Jim at


More of our DFP team: 


    Jill Collins


Director of Transportation:

    Bev Ross


Website/Social Media:

   Patte Widerschein



  • Connecting people with nutritious food and essential personal care items and helpful resources 

  • Sharing facts about hunger and it's impact

  • Finding solutions by engaging and collaborating with community partners and enlisting support from sponsors, faith communities, neighbors, businesses, civic groups, schools and other nonprofit organizations for a healthier community

  • Maintaining an atmosphere of kindness, compassion, safety, respect, efficiency and professionalism amongst our volunteers and all at Dublin Food Pantry


  A look back at 2020


We envision a community where everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious food and the necessities for well-being.



Board Vice-Chair Gene Pavell

Board Chair Soley Hernandez 


Soley Hernandez — Chair

 Gene Pavell— Vice Chair

 Eric Bosserman— Secretary

Justin Sulsberger — Treasurer

Tiffany Trukovich — Vice Treasurer

Lisa Patt-McDaniel — Past Chair


Nancy Dorner

Amy LaDu

Casey Liddy

Erin Miller

Deb Papesh

Amy Starr

Kelli Traber

Patte Widerschein 

Former Board Members, now Liaisons:

 Chris Ogden - Special Projects Liaison

Barb Anderson-Faith Community Liaison











"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."                        - Winston Churchill