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5 Things to Know About the New Dublin Food Pantry

It has been a month since we moved to our new home at 6608 Dublin Center Drive, and we have been so grateful to be able to show off our new space to our community and families.  

Haven’t gotten a chance to see it for yourself? Here are a few of Dublin Food Pantry’s best new additions. 

1. The Power to Choose 

Thanks to more space and walk-in freezers, the Dublin Food Pantry has been able to return to a choice pantry. This means that families no longer have to wait in their cars for a pre-packed bag of food to be brought out to them by a volunteer. Now, families can park their cars and shop the Pantry with dignity, choosing the best food and supplies to fit their family’s unique needs. 

“A gentleman walked in and checked in at the front desk. He had asked if it was possible that he could receive a specific kind of soup that day and I happily explained that he could choose whatever he wanted, and his face just lit up. It was awesome.” – Amy LaDu 

Dublin Food Pantry Choice pantry.

2. New / Longer Hours 

At our new location, our doors are able to stay open longer, allowing for a more convenient shopping experience for busy individuals. At Dublin Community Church, it was not uncommon for cars to be lined up on Bridge Street. Now, families spend less time waiting for service and have more freedom to come and go as they choose.  

3. Wrap-around Services

We know that for a family in need, oftentimes access to food alone is not enough. One of the most exciting aspects of our new location is that we now have room for additional, wrap-around services to assist those struggling with mental health, budgeting, applying for Medicare, and more. Stay tuned for additional information on wrap-around services at the new Pantry. 

DFP Wrap Around Services.

4. Donation Space 

Located on the West side of the building, our new, designated donation area offers easy food and supply drop-off and is open Monday-Saturday from 8am – 6pm. 

For larger donations, please contact Operations Director, Jim Wilson at to schedule a drop-off time. 

5. Sustainability Garden (Coming Soon) 

Opening in the Spring of 2024, our families will be able to access fresh, seasonal produce grown right in the Pantry’s backyard. More details on our sustainability garden are coming soon. 

Dublin Food Pantry sustainability garden.

In planning for our new space, every decision was made with the needs of our neighbors in mind for a healthier and happier community for all, and we are so grateful for all who helped make it a reality. If you would like to get involved with the Dublin Food Pantry, please consider a donation to help us operate out of our new space or email to explore volunteer opportunities. 

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