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Some Dublin Food Pantry Service Statistics

Written by Patte Widerschein

Dublin Food Pantry connects people with needed food and essentials and resources

Statistics, especially since the impact of the pandemic reached our service area, have painted a picture of increased need in our community. This began significantly in April of 2020 with a152% increase in individuals served at our pantry. This past November and December our pantry experienced 104% and 144% increases.

As we head into the cooler weather months and the Holiday season, DFP leadership is looking at recent trends to help us best prepare for what is typically already a busy pantry season and anticipate increased need based on recent trends:

In each of the past three months, we have seen increases.


MAY: 1,509

JUNE: 1,569

JULY: 1,603

AUGUST: 1,759

Further, in each of the past three months, we have seen ,first-time-to-our-pantry customer numbers averaging around 110 per month.

The Dublin Food Pantry balance meeting the increased need for food and personal care items with increased safety precautions for both volunteers and customers.

In general, monthly averages reflect that DFP’s customer base is comprised of:

37% – 39% children age 17 and under

16% to 18% Seniors, classified as 60+

In the senior category, we are seeing a slight increase in the number of customers age 85+

In addition to 3-day-a-week service (year round) the pantry fills and maintains a BLESSING BOX for immediate access to ready to go and eat foods. This is regularly refilled.

The pantry is also able to provide food for pets in an effort to keep family pets out of shelters and at home – providing comfort and support as only pets can.

With safety at the forefront of decision making, the pantry will not return to indoor “choice” shopping yet. Curbside service offers less individual selection but more privacy and less exposure for both volunteers and customers.

To find out more, please reach out to Dublin Food Pantry’s

Director of Operations

The increase in service numbers combined with the cancellation of all regularly scheduled Pantry fundraisers means we rely extensively on community support to continue to support the needs within the entire Dublin School District (10th largest in Ohio) and the City of Dublin. This district encompasses 8 zip codes.

If you can donate even $10, it would make a significant impact