Meet DFP's Reporting and Compliance Specialist: Marko Boh

Marko Boh is a member on the Dublin Food Pantry volunteer team serving in many roles in his almost ten years at DFP. Marko earned his BSBA and MBA at the Ohio State University and readily applies his analytical skills as DFP’s volunteer for Reporting and Compliance. For instance, he has the answer if asked, “how many pounds of food have been donated to the pantry in the past 12 months?” (In case you are wondering, that number is 255,193 pounds from July of 2018 to July of 2019 according to Marko’s tracking system.)

Like many volunteers, he began his volunteer work helping in the pantry itself – assisting clients, stocking shelves, cutting-up boxes for recycling and learning the pantry operation from the ground up. Marko agrees that working for clients is what DFP is all about – making a difference. He makes an effort to greet clients individually, greeting shoppers, when applicable, in the language they are most comfortable with – meaning he can say “hello” in many different ways. One of the days that I was there, Marko was speaking in what appeared to be conversant Spanish when greeting a client although he assures me that his Spanish “is spoken with an Iowa accent,” and he goes on to mention he was born “only about 25 minutes away from the Field of Dreams movie baseball diamond.”

When talking with Marko, it’s hard not to think of the expression “live your truth” because Marko is unabashedly candid. For instance, he calls himself a “techno-dud – an eighties kind of guy, (drum-roll…)the 1880’s,” he adds with a smile, “living without a cellphone, and without internet or cable at home” relying on regular library visits for connectivity. He walks or bikes everyday regardless of our Ohio weather. His wife of 38 years, Christi helps him track messages when needed. She was his high school sweet-heart and together they have lived in Dublin since 1984 - adding their 8 pound rescued yorkie-chihuahua dog Bentley in recent years. Active at Dublin Community Church, he also mentions that he has been to the Dublin Library almost every day for over 13 years.

As a long term volunteer, Marko has observed many wonderful volunteers, noting: “I especially appreciate the dedication of the volunteers whose duties span multiple days or shifts who work with remarkable patience, calm and grace.”

In 2012, Marko took on the role of frozen food and meat manager, enjoying the challenge since meats and frozen foods are managed on a markedly different inventory cycle than other pantry perishable and nonperishables. Marko was instrumental as DFP adjusted to new methodology in collecting, storing, and distributing frozen goods when, in late 2013, Mid-Ohio Food Bank began a direct retail pick-up initiative allowing Dublin Food Pantry to directly pick-up frozen good from grocer donors. At the same time, DFP was able to expand freezer capacity and adjust to the new direct pick-up, store and distribute system. Frozen goods staff manages distribution so that all clients receive a reasonable quantity of protein that meets their dietary requirements or restrictions.

Everyone at Dublin Food Pantry appreciates Marko’s dedication, directness, and skill-set.

~Patte Widerschein

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