Meet Bev Ross, Transportation Director

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

When Bev Ross signed up to pick up deliveries for the pantry 11 years ago, she might not have imagined that her work would become one of the reasons that the Dublin Food Pantry (DFP) can readily offer healthy produce, fresh breads, dairy and meats to meet the nutritional needs of local families. She supervises the orderly pick-up and delivery of the pantry's perishable items – nearly 3,000 pounds a week – earning the title of Transportation Director in 2012. “Bev is organized and thorough,” said Executive Director, Denise (Dinky) Youngsteadt-Parrish, “and is just wonderful to work with.”

As Transportation Director, Bev's responsibilities include working with Dublin area grocery stores and restaurants to set up regular donations to the DFP and leading a group of 25 Volunteer Drivers who bring these donations of produce, meat, bread, frozen food and dairy products to the Pantry. She also helps track and manage DFP’s perishable food supplies.  

In 2018, the DFP Volunteer Transport Drivers made 28 scheduled pick-ups of grocer and restaurant donations every week. Bev points out, “the businesses that donate are friendly and helpful and once the food arrives back at the pantry, the team-work is fantastic. Drivers pick up varying amounts that work for them, so while one driver picks up as much as 800 pounds of frozen meat every week and another driver collects about 1,000 pounds of produce from Mid-Ohio Food Bank each week, others collect smaller amounts at locations that fit into their weekly schedules.”

It is easy for Bev to remember her start date as a volunteer 11 years ago because it coincides with her youngest starting college. Now all three of her children are married, and Bev along with her husband Jeff, love spending time with their family including grandchildren, Lena, Liam, and Graham, ages four, three and one. Bev is happily a part of the childcare rotation for all of her grandkids.

As busy as Bev is, when asked, “why do you volunteer for DFP?” Bev’s answer was immediate: “I love working with so many great people for a cause that's so important. I'm continually impressed by the dedication of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors, and the warmth and appreciation of our clients. It’s fun to connect with all of these people while working for our common purpose.” 

A big thank you to Bev and her team!

If you are interested in volunteering on Bev's transportation team, please contact her at the Dublin Food Pantry.

- Patte Widerschein

Bev Ross, Transportation Director, surrounded by deliveries. Her team of 25 volunteer drivers bring in nearly 3,000 pounds of perishable food each week to be distributed at the Dublin Food Pantry.


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