DFP Spring Volunteer Spotlight: Maureen Duecker

Updated: May 21, 2019

Dublin Food Pantry’s Monday team leader, Maureen Duecker, is “grateful and blessed to be a part of such an amazing team.” Maureen is a long-time donor and happily remembers dropping off a donation and, on a whim, asking a volunteer there that day, Jeane Candido, if DFP needed any volunteers. Jean asked Maureen to join the team the very next Monday. “Even when I had a career, I made sure to volunteer at every opportunity. I made a promise many years ago to not waste a moment of life. Can't break a promise!”

Maureen even finds ways to share how clients might be able to prepare food with the DFP food. For instance, last Monday she prepared a bean dip with the main ingredients featuring food available in a typical shopping trip at the Dublin Food Pantry.

Thank you to the Monday team for going above and beyond every week!

Diane Beall, Bill Dutcher, Betty Dutcher, Jo Jones, Janice Bowman, Mike Cagel, Maureen Duecker, Leann Wing, Jerry Weis, Melanie Streng, Deb Foley, Robbie Biyani, Amita Biyani, Jeane Candido, Richard Candido, Dan Loveland

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