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An Update from Denise “Dinky” Youngsteadt-Parrish

“If a kid is hungry, then that’s all they think about.”

I am certain that this email will give you something to think about. While I am extremely humbled and grateful to our Dublin community for helping us move closer to our goal of securing a new, larger home for the new pantry off Sawmill Road, we still have a ways to go.

If hunger doesn’t impact you personally, it may be easy to turn the other way and not think about this crisis. But the community where we work, live, and play is in need. 

Solutions to end hunger require changes, changes that are not easily implemented. But today, we have a way to directly affect people’s lives, to help our neighbors in need. And that is a new home for the Dublin Food Pantry. 

Since the pandemic our needs have tripled. 
The number of families we are serving is growing exponentially, week after week. It saddens me to see the growing line of cars each week for grocery pickup. Nobody wants to be in this line, and in suburban Dublin many who are in the line never expected to be there. 

They never dreamed food would be an impossible choice. 
We see nurses, teachers, single mothers, fathers, multi-generational families, and now more than ever, seniors. They are humbled, sad, worried, and unsettled. Many are working and doing their best to make ends meet, but hangover from the pandemic, coupled with inflation has made it nearly impossible for our residents in need to secure adequate food, and especially healthy food. Remember, if a child is hungry, then that’s all they think about. 

This is not a handout. This is a necessity. 
My promise to you is I will put your generous donations to work to purchase, renovate, and operate our new location off Sawmill road, and provide the services needed within our community.  I will make every dollar count, and I thank you for your help this month of November, more than ever, as we all gather and show gratitude towards each other.

To all of you, I am extremely grateful for your support.

Denise “Dinky” Youngsteadt-Parrish
Executive Director, Dublin Food Pantry

During this month of gratitude, we kindly ask for your support.