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A Special Thanksgiving Message from Denise Youngsteadt-Parrish, Dublin Food Pantry Director

Thanksgiving is a taxing time. We are asked to give thanks for our “abundance” . Historically this is a reference to food sharing which is one of the most basic human behaviors. To make sure our neighbors, our friends and strangers have something to eat, this act of food sharing is one that has a long history and we have all grown up on stories that make our hearts swell with the selfless act of giving.

This Thanksgiving we are all looking at a different world, one that is in chaos, war, fear, anger, unemployment, homelessness and a host of other events that interfere with our ability to be thankful. This past week, however, the pantry served over 90 families. The following evening, over 70. Do you know how much joy and thanks that gives us? To know someone will have a special meal, to know someone was treated with kindness and dignity, even though we were never sure we could keep up.  We did and we do because of you.  We are so thankful for all you do for the food pantry, your generosity seems to know no bounds.  

If you gather around a table this season, sharing good food and memories, remember your gifts will make it possible for others to experience these same moments that create a lifetime of memories. Let’s  also remember those who won’t have this opportunity and pray they find some joy in this month of thanksgiving.  To you we simply say, Thank you.