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A BiggerSpace For A Greater Need

“Food insecurity has a lot of faces. It has the faces of seniors who are maybe trying to make a decision between buying their blood pressure medication or their food. Or it’s children who come to school in the morning sitting next to your school child that’s hungry.”

-Mayor Jane Fox

The Dublin Food Pantry has seen an increase of over 303% of individuals served since 2019. This growing number includes some of our community’s most vulnerable populations with over 10,000 school students and 200 seniors over the age of 85 served.

Listen in on a conversation between Dublin Food Pantry Executive Director Denise “Dinky” Youngsteadt-Parrish, Mayor Jane Fox, and Ed.D., Deputy Superintendent Jennifer Schwanke for more on the growing need in Dublin and for a sneak peek on the new pantry facility opening this Fall.

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Mayor Jane Fox, Dinky Youngsteadt-Parrish, and Jennifer Schwanke.

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