Instructions for Food Assistance

The Dublin Food Pantry is a choice pantry set-up like a grocery store; eligible clients may shop once a month and are free to select their own food within the quantity guidelines. Typical selections include canned goods, meat, fresh produce, bread/pastries, baby food/diapers, and toiletries.


The Dublin Food Pantry distributes food to residents of the City of Dublin or Dublin City Schools District. To be served, you must meet all of the following qualifications (click each item below for more detail):

(1) Live in the city of Dublin (zip codes 43016, 43017) OR in the Dublin School District.
Dubin zip code map
Map of Dublin city zip codes
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Dublin school district map
Map of Dublin school district
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(2) Have a current ID for yourself and all family members seeking assistance.

Valid ID Guidelines

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) specifies valid identification forms as follows:

Adults 18+

Valid, government issued photo identification (copy is OK) is required for all adults. Acceptable documents are:

  • current Driver's License
  • State ID, Passport
  • H1B/H4 Visas
  • Green Card
  • Consular ID

Children under 18

Acceptable documents are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Care Source card
  • Healthcare (health insurance) card
  • Custody paperwork
  • Ohio Department of Job and Family Services document listing all children
  • School/library IDs

Proof of Residency

Acceptable documents are:

  • Utility bill
  • Rental agreement/lease/mortgage document
  • Certified mail
  • Medical bill
  • Ohio Department of Job and Family Services document with current address
(3) Have a current gross household income at or below eligibility guidelines established by the state of Ohio.
Eligibility Guidelines
Effective July 1, 2018
Household Size Yearly Income Monthly Income Weekly Income
1 $24,279 $2,023 $466
2 $32,919 $2,743 $633
3 $41,559 $3,463 $799
4 $50,199 $4,183 $965
5 $58,839 $4,903 $1,131
6 $67,479 $5,623 $1,297
7 $76,119 $6,343 $1,463
8 $84,759 $7,063 $1,629
9 $93,399 $7,783 $1,796
10 $102,039 $8,503 $1,962

Eligibility guidelines are set by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and updated annually every July.

Source: ODJFS Official Guidelines

As mandated by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) clients are re-certified every year in July.

If you do not meet the above criteria but need food immediately you may visit during regular Pantry hours or call (614) 889‐6590 to receive a one-time emergency food box. For ongoing assistance call HandsOn Central Ohio at 2‐1‐1 or (614) 221‐2255 to find a food pantry in your area. Referrals are also accepted from Dublin churches and social service agencies.

Child Care

Clients are responsible for the care of their children; the Dublin Food Pantry does not provide child care while clients shop. Infants and young children may be placed in a shopping cart seat while the adult shops. Due to safety concerns, other children are not allowed in the canned goods aisles of the shopping area. All children (not in shopping cart seats) under the age of 12 must be supervised in the reception area by a family member or friend as the client shops.

If you do not have someone to watch your children you will be provided a shopping list of canned goods, toiletries, and baby items that are available in the Pantry. You can choose the items you would like and a volunteer will shop for you while you supervise your children. The meat and produce areas are not enclosed aisles so you and your children can shop for meat and produce.

First Visit

We reserve the right to request proof of your address and number of people living in your household and your current income. On your first visit bring ALL of the following items:

  1. photo ID for each adult
  2. ID for each child (birth certificate, SS card, report card or vaccination record)
  3. current utility bill or rent contract with your name and current address

If English is not your first language and you feel you will have difficultly reading or understanding the eligibility form you will be signing, please bring a family member or friend to assist you.