2017 Letter Carriers Food Drive

family circus 2017
2017: Family Circus comic for the food drive being held Saturday, May 13th, 2017.

Saturday, May 13th, is the 25th annual National Association of Letter Carriers' (NALC) "Stamp Out Hunger" Food Drive .

It is super easy for you to participate and help your neighbors in need. All you have to do is place non-perishable food items in a bag and then put the bag next to your mailbox before the letter carrier arrives on Saturday. The letter carrier will pickup your donation when they come by that day to drop-off your mail, and deliver your donation directly to the Dublin Food Pantry. All food collected stays in our local Dublin community.


  • Help your letter carrier out and use a sturdy bag or container - one that won't tear - to hold your donation.
  • Items in glass containers could break and make a mess. It's best to stick to items that are boxed, canned, or packaged in non-breakable plastic.
  • Please check expiration dates on the items you donate.
  • We appreciate all kinds of non-perishable food donations. If you are looking for ideas see our Most Needed Items list.

Letter Carrier participation in the food drive is voluntary but most Dublin city carriers should participate. See the FAQ published by the NALC for more detail.


The NALC Food Drive is the largest single-day food drive in the world.

This year's 2017 food drive marks the 25th "silver" anniversary for this event. The originating idea came from a single food drive by Phoenix, Arizona, NALC Branch 576 in 1990. Columbus, Ohio, has a place in this history. In 1991 a test pilot food drive was held by just 10 branches across the country - including Branch 78 in Columbus, Ohio! The first nationwide NALC Food Drive was held on Saturday, May 15, 1993 resulting in 11.7 million pounds of food. Last year's 2016 food drive collected 80.1 million pounds nationally.

You'll notice a Family Circus comic is created each year to promote the food drive. How did this come about? The originating food drive was in Phoenix, Arizona, and the organizers at that time knew an artist named Bill Keane who lived in neighboring Scottsdale, Arizona. The organizers asked Bill Keane to create some promotional artwork and he agreed. Well ... Bill Keane is the creator of the famous comic strip Family Circus - so that's how the tradition began. Bill Keane passed away in 2011 and his son Jeff Keane carries on the tradition.

family circus 1993
1993: First comic for the first ever Letter Carriers Food Drive - Saturday, May 15th, 1993.