2016 Dublin Irish Festival Food Drive

Attendees hand food donations to volunteers at the Irish Festival entry gates.
Pantry volunteers working at the 2015 Dublin Irish Festival food drive.

The Pantry’s largest food drive and fundraiser of the year was held on Sunday, August 7th, 2016 at the Dublin Irish Festival resulting in dontations of 15,863 pounds.

Lead organizers for this year’s food drive were former board member Jordan Gray, Operations Director Lynne Hessler, Executive Director Molly Arbogast, and longtime organizer Donna Prehm.

... a lesser known facet of this event is that it's not only a food drive but also a fundraiser.

The Dublin Community Church (DCC) graciously moved their Sunday services to the Irish Festival since the DCC, where the Pantry is housed, was packed with volunteers processing donations. This brings out a lesser known known facet of this event which is that it's not only a food drive but also a fundraiser. The festival has a variety of Sunday morning church services. Monetary contributions given by attendees during service collections were donated to the Pantry resulting in a total of $9,583.17. We'd like to thank these churches that so generously donated their Sunday morning service collections to the Pantry.


Just like last year it was another hot and sunny summer day in particular for the volunteers that hauled the nearly 8 tons of food from the Irish Festival to the Pantry and then to the Pantry warehouse.

With the efforts of 170 volunteers all of the food donations were processed in one day. Towards the end of June a volunteer request was placed on this website and on June 25th an invitation sent out to our Volunteer Opportunities email list. Those interested were directed to a web form where they completed volunteer registration. Volunteers were offered a complimentary Irish Festival ticket for their effort.

There were two locations for volunteers:

The first location was at the festival itself. These volunteers were stationed at all festival gates from 9 am until 11 am collecting food donations from festival attendees, packing (but not sorting) it for transport, separating glass items, and loading it on trucks destined for the Pantry.

The second location was the Pantry itself (actually, the Community Room of the DCC - which is directly next to the Pantry). Responsibilities of volunteers at this location included hauling, weighing, pre-sorting by category/sub-category, fine-sorting by expiration date, and boxing/sealing/labeling.

The Pantry has limited storage space so most donations, once they were boxed/sealed/labeled, were stored at an off-site warehouse where they will be brought back to the Pantry for stocking as our local supplies are depleted. Glass goods as well as goods nearing their expiration date were kept at the Pantry itself.

volunteers hauling food donations
Volunteers with muscle work in tandem hauling donations into the Community Room of the DCC to be weighed and processed.